• October 26, 2021

Prosecutor Loretta Lynch Cheated Victims Out of $40 Million

loretta l

Loretta Lynch, who replaced Eric Holder stands accused of withholding information from victims of Felix Sater, who ran a pump and dump stock scheme, When she was the US Attorney for the district of Eastern New York.  Paul Cassell, a professor of law at the University of Utah. notified senate aides and leaders that they should be doing an inquiry of Lynch’s handling of the case.  The issue has to do with prospective defendants who turn state’s evidence.  Lynch did have the right to shield Sater from prison time, however she was obligated to notify Sater’s victims that he had been sentenced, making them eligible to receive the 40 million he stole from them back.

The investigation would reveal that by not notifying the victims, Sater was able to keep the money he stole and since the sentencing was secret, his reputation was left intact and made it possible for him to continue running his money making scams.  This is a direct violation of the Crime Victims Restitution Act.  It would also allow a criminal to profit from his criminal enterprise which is also a violation of the law.

Lynch’s office and the Department of Injustice are claiming that she did nothing wrong, but failed to explain why Sater was allowed to keep the 40 million he stole and why victims were denied their rights under the Crime Victims Restitution Act.

Currently, the scurvy republicans in the Senate have not started an investigation and are seen as being willing dupes for the Obama administration.  Lynch is seen as the continuance of a Holder Justice Department.  She has the scammers like Eric Holder and Lois Lerner off the hook while sticking it in the ear of the American taxpayers.

This is why establishment republicans, especially Paul Ryan and Mitch “Obama’s B*^#h” McConnell must go after the next election.  Ryan will be primaried and with enough support, McConnell will be voted out of leadership.