• June 24, 2024

[READ] Furious Note On Car Parked In Handicap Spot, But That Is Not All

A passerby left a furious note and keyed the British VW Beetle that was parked in a handicapped space without a blue badge on Saturday.

The unknown person apparently spotted the red VW Beetle in the incorrect parking space and left a heated response via a handwritten note.

“Your disability must be mental,” the note read. “I have keyed your car. Idiot!”

The note was spotted by Dan Mackenzie, a shopper who passed by the car around 3 p.m. on Saturday.

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“I thought it was quite funny they left the note,” Mackenzie said. “I didn’t look to see if it actually had been keyed or not, there was another person looking at the note and saying they couldn’t see a scratch on the car anywhere though.”

Recently, the Trafford Centre vowed to ban shoppers who park in handicap spaces without a special permit. The center has also threatened to dismiss shoppers who leave vehicles on yellow lines, pavement and curbs.

A spokesperson for the shopping center noted that over 100 tickets have been given out this year to prevent further infractions. The spokesperson noted that in the past six months, management has increased patrols around the parking area.

Despite enforcing tickets, people have still continued to park in spots designated only for handicap drivers. The problem is so bad that staff and shoppers have taken to Twitter to complain about it.

In the past, cars have been pictured in the parking lot wedged onto a curb and straddling two parking spaces.

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