• September 24, 2023

Read Mark Levin’s Classic Take Down of Paul Ryan’s Leadership

Mark levin is not a shrinking violet and when he sees something he doesn’t like, he makes his opinion known.  Like most conservatives, he knows that Paul Ryan became Speaker of the House because of the leftwing press who loves his open border policies and amnesty insights.  Conservatives not so much, although he was boosted by the establishment wing of the republican party.  It’s been nothing short of disastrous and if President Trump wants to move forward with his agenda, Ryan has to go.

 In just one paragraph posted to Facebook on Friday, Levin delivered a blistering takedown of House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), who Levin says is failing as the Republican leader in Congress.

According to Levin, the GOP health care bill, titled, “The American Health Care Act,” failed because GOP leadership tried to ram through a bill that didn’t resemble conservatism or anything conservatives stand for.

“Mr. Ryan, you continue with your mantra, that the GOP is now a governing party not an opposition party,” Levin wrote. “These are words that apply to you.”

“You failed to develop a plan that embraced market capitalism and you did not involve the GOP conservatives in the early phases of drafting your plan. You tried to force this plan through, adopted a few changes, but mostly continued with big-government ideas and much of Obamacare’s essential elements,” Levin explained.

“The failure to govern is on the GOP leadership. And the failure to uphold the repeal promise with an actual repeal of most of Obamacare is also on the GOP leadership,” he added.

Levin is exactly right.  Trump can never successfully keep his promises as long as Ryan holds the Speaker’s gavel.  We need a true conservative in that position who is in tune with the Trump agenda in order to make 2018 a spectacular year for republicans in the midterm elections.

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