• October 1, 2023

Real Photos Of Sylville Smith Black Lives Matter Does Not Want You To See

When you look at these photos you will come to realize that the Black Lives Movement is a fantasy posing as a political movement that will benefit only a few, this, the race bating business will never admit. Now you can say Joe, you cannot categorize all by the photos of a few. But I say, isn’t that what has gotten the country to this point? Constant video showing half truths into reality that brings us to the point of cities in flames. Photos attached to link below.

According to Red Flag News:


The Pictures of Sylville K. Smith that #BlackLivesMatter Don’t Want You to See…

Can anyone tell me how disarming the law abiding citizen by repealing the 2nd Amendment can defend him or herself against a culture such as these photos depict? We all know this is not the exception, just look at the black on black body count of Chicago. Black culture today in many respects can be placed at the feet of the Democrat Party. They have thrown scraps to a minority group that have not used it to their benefit, but developed it into a life style bordering 3rd world in the United States. I know one thing, this will take a lot of work to rectify, almost as hard as changing the course of the Mississippi River. What do you think?

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