• December 11, 2023

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett: Cop Who Shot Smith Was in the Right


The video has not been released to the public yet but liberal Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (Who lost to Scott Walker twice) has issued exonerating statements about the death of Sylville Smith.  Barrett, who has reviewed the video of the shooting as well as still photos taken from that video, claims that the police officer acted correctly and professionally.  The entire confrontation lasted just 25 seconds.

Smith and another person were acting suspiciously, when a Milwaukee police officer pulled them over.  Both Smith and the other occupant took off running.  Smith ran between two houses, just to find the area was enclosed.  In his hand was a semi-automatic pistol containing 23 bullets.  He was better armed than the police officer who shot him.  I should add, the black officer who shot him.  The officer ordered him to drop the gun.  He didn’t, he turned on the officer instead.  Mayor Barrett said that in the still photograph, you could clearly see the gun was in his hand and from the video it can be seen that Smith refused to drop the gun when ordered to.

So why the riots?  Money.  People and groups rake in a lot of money in donations whenever there is a “racial crime” or a police vs thug crime.  The more of these incidents the more money they make.  Look at Ferguson and the shooting of that thug, Michael Brown.  The narrative was that he was shot in the back.  However, the first autopsy to have it’s findings released is the one paid for by Brown’s parents.  The results proved that he was never shot in the back but for months after that all we heard was Brown was shot in the back.  He wasn’t.

Now, look what’s being said about the Sylville Smith shooting.  Babu Omowale, a leader with the New Black panthers and quite frankly, a clown.  He did an interview where he admitted he did not know the circumstances in the shooting death of Smith, but later in the interview, he claimed Smith was shot in the back.  Currently, Smith’s sister is making the same claim even though the coroner said Smith was shot twice, once in the arm and once in the chest.  Both shots hit him as he faced the policeman.

The bottom line is we ended up with one person shot, 7 businesses burned and/or looted, several cars burned and six cops wounded for a scam.



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