• October 26, 2021

Refugee Sexually Assaults Teenager…Guess Which One Was Arrested


It’s a brilliant idea.  What better way to reduce reported sexual attacks than to arrest the victims?  Women would be much less likely to report a rape if they knew they could do hard time for it, right?  If this seems ridiculous to you, then you must realize it is an idea that came from a liberal.  In Denmark, a teen age girl was out walking when a refugee proceeded to sexually assault her.  Not wanting to be raped and possibly killed, the teenage whipped out a canister of pepper spray and fought off her attacker.  Guess which one the police arrested.  The victim.

In Denmark, it’s illegal to possess or use pepper spray no matter how many rapists the federal government invites into the country.  Denmark, like all other European countries are seeing a huge jump in sexual assaults and rapes by Muslim refugees who are told they have the right to rape infidel women.  So, the teenage girl was arrested and her assaulter is free.  Bet she’ll think twice about reporting a sex crime again.

The lesson of her arrest is not being lost on the Danish people and her arrest has become very controversial.  Although the penalty for a first offense is only a fine of about fifty dollars American, the idea of the victim being charged and the criminal going free isn’t resonating with the citizens who have seen their country turn into a branch office of the Islamic caliphate.

Denmark is fighting back to a certain degree.  The government is now seizing assets from the refugees to help pay for their upkeep and local bars are finding unique ways of keeping the refugees out.  One bar with the familiar name of Buddy Holly has imposed a language requirement.  Since it would be discriminatory to ban by country of origin, they had to find a way to exclude the undesirables by banning Arab languages.  They will only admit people who speak English, German or Danish.