• December 3, 2022

Refugees Arrested For Illegally Filing for Citizenship

Two brothers and a wife of one were arrested for fraudulently filing for citizenship.  They left off the fact that their brother is a known terrorist.  This is exactly why we need a real vetting system.  Under Obama these three would have become democratic voters.  In addition, the wife of one of the brothers claimed no income so she could tap into the welfare system, then they inflated their income in order to get a car loan they wouldn’t have qualified for.

Yousif Al Mashhandani, 35, of Vienna, Va., and Adil Hasan, 38, of Burke, Va., are biological brothers. Hasan’s wife Enas Ibrahim,32 were all arrested for fraud in filing for citizenship but also committed immigration fraud knowing that Obama would never check on their claims.

Yousif and Adil’s brother, Majid Al Mashhadani, was detained after he held an American citizen and other hostages for months in an underground bunker. When Yousif applied for citizenship in 2013, an FBI fingerprint analysis found a match on a document found at the underground bunker.

The applications the refugees filled out required them to detail family trees, and they all admitted to the FBI agents that they thought not including Majid would help them enter the U.S. The FBI also found that both Yousif and Adil had made up a kidnapping story involving a Shiite militia in order to claim persecution and admittance as refugees.

Isn’t it amazing how much stuff we are finding out about the refugees now that Obama can no longer hide the truth?  Too bad he wasn’t gone sooner.  We may have been able to avoid a terror attack or two or three.

The criminal complaint also states that Adil’s wife Ibrahim is guilty of wire fraud as she lied on an application that she received no income in order to gain thousands in welfare. She and Adil also inflated their income on a loan application for a car.



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