• August 11, 2022

Law & Order-style justice: Three burglars gunned down by homeowner’s son

Even Clint Eastwood’s ‘Dirty Harry’ movie character would be proud of the 19-year-old Oklahoma man who gunned down three home burglars after having a few words with them. According to the New York Post, three would be burglars picked on the wrong home that afternoon when they had larcenous intentions in their heart and broke into the home and met the business end of a AR-15.

The homeowner’s son was awakened when he heard a series of loud bangs coming from the downstairs. Sheriff’s spokesman, Deputy Nick Mahoney that the young man jumped out of his bed and immediately grabbed his AR-15 weapon and went downstairs where he saw the burglars dressed in all black clothing.

A person’s home is his castle and after an exchange of words the young man decide to use the universal equalizer in a situation when a person is confronted with a three to one potential confrontation. He opened fire on the three suspects who were in the home, which resulted in two dead on the kitchen floor and one equally deceased on the home’s driveway.

While it was not immediately clear if the dead would be burglary suspects from the first police responders, according to the Daily Caller, the police did find that one of the dead robbers had brass knuckles on him while one of the other robbers had a knife on his body. This appeared a clear case of a self-defense shooting.

In addition, Elizabeth Marie Rodriguez the getaway driver was arrested by the police later that day. She admitted that she dropped off the group of the robbers and planned to return to pick them and their loot up until the justice peace keeper AR15 changed the planned result.

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