• October 26, 2021

Refugees Find Out Russia Isn’t Norway


When refugees were out nightclubbing and sexually assaulting women in a bar in Russia, they must have forgotten they were no longer in Norway.  In Norway, when they molested women all they got was evicted from the country.  They probably regret choosing Russia now.  Fifty one of them invaded the nightclub and when they came out they were confronted by some very angry Russians.

The refugees groped and fondled the Russian women much like they do all through Europe.  The refugees tried to flee the scene after a group of men approached them for the purpose of teaching them about respecting Russian women.  They took them outside and began giving them a royal beating in which at least all of refugees were hit.  The beating continued until the police arrived to break up the fight.  Unconfirmed reports say the police took a few swipes at the refugees before arresting 33 of them.

Curiously, the police did not file a report on the fight, only on the sexual assaults.  Somehow, I don’t think a lot of refugees are going to try Russia after this.  More countries should react the same way.  I’ll bet the assaults would end quickly.  Eighteen of the refugees were beaten so badly they were taken to the hospital.

Just a cursory look into history books should have been enough to warn the refugees away.  The mighty French army invaded Russia under Napoleon and his army was so badly beaten by time they left, they could no longer hold what they had already won.  Between the bitter cold and the guerrilla attacks and the burning of entire cities to deprive Napoleon of what  he needed to resupply his army.  The Nazis had the same experience in WWII.

The Russian people have always lived hard lives and invaders aren’t as capable of dealing with it.  At least 51 of the refugees have learned this lesson.