• December 6, 2022

Remember When Ted Kennedy Tried to Get Russia’s Help in Defeating Reagan


The loopy liberals are trying to say that the Russians attempted to fix the election in Donald Trump’s favor.  But the truth is only one party has ever tried to use Russia to win an election and that’s the democrats who tried to get Russia to help defeat Reagan in 1984.  Ted Kennedy had a close friend, John Tunney, who was Kennedy’s roommate in law school and a former Senator from California.  In 1983, he made a trip to Russia.  While there he met with General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Y. Andropov.

Tunney delivered a message from Ted Kennedy, offering him a quid pro quo deal.  Kennedy would help the Russians deal with Reagan and in return the Russians would help defeat Reagan.

“The only real potential threats to Reagan are problems of war and peace and Soviet-American relations.  These issues, according to the senator, will without a doubt become the most important of the election campaign.”

Offers made by Kennedy to Russian officials as documented by Forbes:

Kennedy made Andropov a couple of specific offers.

First he offered to visit Moscow. “The main purpose of the meeting, according to the senator, would be to arm Soviet officials with explanations regarding problems of nuclear disarmament so they may be better prepared and more convincing during appearances in the USA.” Kennedy would help the Soviets deal with Reagan by telling them how to brush up their propaganda.

Then he offered to make it possible for Andropov to sit down for a few interviews on American television. “A direct appeal … to the American people will, without a doubt, attract a great deal of attention and interest in the country. … If the proposal is recognized as worthy, then Kennedy and his friends will bring about suitable steps to have representatives of the largest television companies in the USA contact Y.V. Andropov for an invitation to Moscow for the interviews. … The senator underlined the importance that this initiative should be seen as coming from the American side.”

Kennedy would make certain the networks gave Andropov air time–and that they rigged the arrangement to look like honest journalism.

Kennedy’s motives? “Like other rational people,” the memorandum explained, “[Kennedy] is very troubled by the current state of Soviet-American relations.” But that high-minded concern represented only one of Kennedy’s motives.

“Tunney remarked that the senator wants to run for president in 1988,” the memorandum continued. “Kennedy does not discount that during the 1984 campaign, the Democratic Party may officially turn to him to lead the fight against the Republicans and elect their candidate president.”

So, how do we know this actually happened?  Because after the fall of the Soviet Union, they opened up their records and the deal was documented by Andropov himself and filed into the official records of the time.  However, there is no proof such a deal was ever consummated.  Andropov was dead 8 months later and with him any chance for Kennedy to make a deal.

While the CIA report is being disputed all throughout the intelligence community, no one can deny that democrats did try to influence an election with help from Russia.

You can read the full text of the KGB memo here


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