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Rep John Conyers Chief of Staff Guilty of Receiving Stolen Property…May Join His Wife in Prison

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There seems to be a whole lot of corruption surrounding Democratic Rep John Conyers, although none of it his own.  His wife was given three years in prison for shaking down a Houston contractor for a sludge contract that netted the company $47 million a month from the city of Detroit.  Her former aide, Sam Riddle (Any relation to Tom?) confessed to series of shakedowns involving himself and Monica Conyers, but she was only sentenced for the shakedown she admitted to in her plea deal.

Now, Rep Conyers chief of staff, Cynthia Martin has pleaded guilty to receiving stolen property, also in Detroit.  A Man who works for the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), had accidentally deposited $16,500 into her account in a direct deposit of $500 every two weeks.  Martin began transferring the money out of the account, but eventually it caught up with her and she pleaded guilty to receiving stolen property.

The Wright Patman Congressional Federal Credit Union investigated and found that Martin was aware she wasn’t entitled to the money.  The credit union’s policy is to allow a recovery of $3,500 and the court has ordered her to reimburse the other $13,000 herself.

Martin who earned a salary of $166,000 last year has been placed on unpaid leave pending an investigation by Conyers’ office.


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