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REPORT: False Flag Was Used In DC By Deep State To Protect Themselves

Ahhh, the deep state did again and overplayed their hand and now they have got caught red-handed in the proverbial cookie jar.

The old adage says that pride always comes before the fall and I truly believe that is what we are about to see in the swamp of D.C.

In January, the deep state attempted to goad Trump supporters back into D.C. for the faux inauguration of Biden which is why they had all the fences up around the Capitol. The story they were attempting to paint was that they needed to protect themselves from the terrorists that are Trump supporters.

If Trump supporters would have gone they would have had an event happen so they could pin it on conservatives in an effort to strip more freedoms from us.

That is what a false flag event is.

The idea was for them to keep the fences up and the guards there since the “terrorists” were out there and would storm the building at any moment.

Now, what the deep state is doing is countering what the people want, as each day passes the people are seeing the deep state destroy the US, this will not end well for them.

It is in my opinion, that this isn’t over yet and it is just beginning.


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