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Reporter: Malia Obama Attacked Me in Well Known Bar

White House correspondent,  Lucian Wintrich, who had been invited to popular lounge, Parlor,  for a party, says he was accosted by Malia Obama.  Eighteen year old Malia Obama was there at Parlor in Manhattan, a lounge where you need to be twenty one just to get in.  It seems that the police should question the owners of Parlor and inquire why they broke the law.  Then they need to confront Malia, who could be heading for the long line of mentally unstable liberals.

Saturday, March 25, 2017, found Malia Obama, the 44th President’s oldest daughter, at the Parlor, an exclusive Soho club, for a 21-and-over, alcohol-fueled event. The minor had been rubbing shoulders with other guests all night until she spotted the Gateway Pundit’s own White House correspondent Lucian Wintrich.

Multiple witnesses watched as Malia Obama, Obama’s oldest daughter, ran up to Wintrich with the intent of stirring up controversy. Wintrich believes at the point of altercation she was intoxicated, which should bring everyone back to those other moments of infamy when Barrack’s daughter decided to “act out”.

Wintrich attempted to snap a picture of Malia before she ran up to him furious. She asked Wintrich to confirm who he was before accosting him and saying: “If you wanna have a conversation, let’s sit down, let’s have a real conversation.”

When Wintrich agreed to sit down for a conversation, Malia got even madder.  A bellyful of alcohol can do that to a person, if in fact she was drunk as some at the lounge surmised.



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