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Germany Knew Christmas Market Terrorist Was Planning Attack 9 Months Bfore

In another black eye for the Merkel regime, it turns out that her government knew about the Christmas Market terrorist a full nine months before he launched his attack that killed 12 and injured dozens more.  A letter was written to the ministry of the interior of the state parliament in Duesseldorf which stated: ‘Amri  (Anis Amri) presents a threat in the form of a suicide attack. The commission of a terrorist attack by Amri is expected.’

The letter went on to suggest deporting him and contained evidence of a tapped phone conversation in he had in February in which Amri used the word ‘Dougma’ – a metaphor, say German spies, that Islamists use to mean a ‘suicide bombing’.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The deportation was never arranged because the North Rhine-Westphalian authorities concluded that expulsion was unenforceable.

And additionally, Amri claimed to have no passport and Germany could not send him home because Tunis denied he was a citizen until the day after the killings.

Even after the attack, regional Interior Minister Ralf Jäger several times said it was not ‘legally possible’ to order a deportation.

This sounds like a lot of crap to me.  If I had someone that I knew was planning a terror attack, I could find some way to stop them.  Of course, I wouldn’t need to because there is no way in hell, I would accept so many potential terrorists without even a cursory vetting process like Europe and Obama allowed and writing off the number of it’s citizens killed as “insignificant.”


The United States has already solved it’s Obama problem and now Germans should show Angela Merkel the door.  It is treasonous to put the welfare of terrorists or refugees above the safety of your own citizens.  How many times have we heard in the United States that the FBI or someone else were aware of terrorists before they attacked?  Too many times.

Jäger will testify before a parliamentary committee of inquiry on Wednesday about his failure to act on the police warning.

Earlier this month, German authorities raided apartments linked to a mosque in the city of Hildesheim visited by Amri. 

The local state interior ministry said more than 300 police searched the apartments of eight people and shut down the mosque and the association which ran it, saying it recruited young Muslims to join Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria.


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