• June 17, 2024

Right Wing Swiss Party Wants Out Of Schengen Zone, Spells Doom For EU

I am trying to figure out who is in the lead when it comes to Immigration laws. Is it the United States who had the opportunity to say no to unvested immigrants,but now taking them in, or is it Europe who has and now in the process of figuring out how to stop the madness of unrestricted migration? Political leaders seem to be the only ones failing to see what the whole of Europe has lived. Open borders policy has failed,and miserably. And so Switzerland has had enough, and the right wing party SVP wishes to opt out of the Schengen Zone, which is the free flow of people trying to get in countries in Europe.

According to Express.co.uk:

The right-wing People’s Party (SVP) has unveiled new proposals to try and halt the free movement of people around the European Union.Vice President Christoph Blocher made the shock statement after a parliamentary panel rejected the government’s threat to impose quotas on the number of foreigners entering the country next year.Instead, they opted for a compromise based around hiring workers with a preference towards local people.

If this happens we can almost say goodbye to the EU. Without Switzerland and England,who recently pulled out of the EU it can spell doom for the Utopian Paradise that was to be. With Germany committing internal suicide by accepting millions of migrants with nothing for them to do but collect and raise hell, and the Southern European countries not pulling their collective weight, leaving only the Northern Countries as economically sound,  it will come to the point where the social network will collapse(once again) and the countries will be able to govern themselves, as it should be, Not by a bunch of Elitists in Belgium. The clock is ticking. Are you waking up America?  What do you think?

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