• July 19, 2024

Robin Williams Wife Reveals His Last Words

Robin Williams was one of the most beloved comedians of our time.  He burst onto the scene as Mork from Ork and continued right through a long string of movies.  We didn’t know he was going through major setbacks in his life, emotional, financial and healthwise.  This culminated in the taking of his own life.  For the first time, his wife has divulged the comedian’s last words.

In an exclusive interview with Robin’s widow, Susan, she revealed to ABC News that their fairytale love was something she used to imagine as a little girl.
“It’s the best love I ever dreamed of. You know, it’s what I always dreamed of a love would be, as just really based on, just honor, love, respect.”
However, as the years passed, Robin began to display symptoms that were a cause for concern.

Robin had a history of depression, but it seemed to worsen along with his memory and emotional control. It wasn’t until after his passing that an autopsy revealed he not only suffered from depression, but Lewy Body dementia and Parkinson’s disease as well.
There were plenty of bad days for Robin, but there were good days sprinkled in as well. Thankfully, Susan was able to share one of the last positive moments in Robin’s life before his untimely passing.
They were lying in bed, just about to fall asleep, when Robin piped up and asked if Susan wanted a foot rub. She politely declined his offer and closed her eyes.
She told ABC News the three faint words he whispered before she fell asleep.
“Goodnight, my love.”
Thankfully she had those last loving words from her husband to hang onto when the idea of his passing is too painful!

Goodbye, Robin Williams, we hardly knew you.

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