RuPaul: “Drag Queens Are The Marines Of The LGBT Movement”

RuPaul Elaborates On Why Drag Queens Are Like The Marines

RuPaul, a 55 year-old drag queen turned talk show host, and more recently a game show host, compared drag queens to the Marines. How HE even thinks there is a correlation between the two actually pissed me off.

During an interview with Metro Weekly, RuPaul explained HIS views on why HE makes the comparison.


“Drag queens are the true catalysts for change, because they challenge the essential nature of identity “in an ego-based culture”, HE stated.

“I’ve said this before, drag queens are like the Marines of the LGBT movement,” RuPaul said. “We suit up, we show up, and we’re always ready to serve — and we don’t get that credit.”

“Drag queens will never be accepted, and acceptance isn’t what drag wants. Other people may want acceptance — drag does not. Drag, its purpose is to remind the culture to not take itself too seriously. Our creed is, don’t take life too f*cking seriously.”

Ok, I personally think that the idea of a 55 year-old man dressing up as a woman is pretty damn serious to me. The idea of even trying to compare drag queens to Marines, is absolutely asking for an ass kicking in my opinion.

Any Male or Female who dresses up to protect America has more, Ahem, BALLS, than any wanna-be woman will ever have. Maybe some “don’t ask, don’t tell” Marines, (if there is such a thing) would agree with RuPaul, but I think the Core would sorely disagree altogether.

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