• June 21, 2024

Rupert Murdoch Ordered Fox Staff to Destroy Donald Trump


There has been much speculation as to why the Fox moderators were downright hostile to Trump in their debate.  There is no more need to speculate.  Rupert Murdoch ordered the moderators to take out Trump to preserve his cheap labor agenda.  It’s also where the breach between Ailes and Murdoch was started, not the sexual harassment charges.  Murdoch was angry that Ailes had been advising the Trump campaign from the beginning.

Gabriel Sherman, a journalist who wrote a book on Fox News “The Revenge of Roger’s Angels,” sheds some light on what happened prior to the Fox debate.  In July of 2015, Murdoch sent a message to Ailes to stop Trump just before the debates.  The moderators got the message loud and clear, with Megyn Kelly making the largest mark.  Ironically, after she carried out the unsuccessful hit on Trump, she found that the same people who forced her to go after Trump refused to support her during Trump’s attacks against her.  She felt victimized.

Even more ironic is the result of the planned hit by the Fox moderators, Donald Trump got a huge boost and he’s never looked back.  Fox News has one of the three presidential debates.  Chris Wallace will be asking Hillary what her favorite color is and Hillary will lie about it.

From Western Journalism: 

Sherman said that the controversy then caused more internal dissension at Fox, because Ailes made private comments to other Fox employees the infamous question was not appropriate.

As Trump continued to lambast Kelly, who was officially but not enthusiastically supported by Ailes, Kelly in turn felt ill-used by the network.

She, in turn, became one of the critical Fox female employees who — after former Fox host Gretchen Carlson sued claiming sexual harassment — reportedly told internal Fox investigators that there was a culture of sexual harassment at Fox and Ailes was at its center.

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