Sales of Smith and Wesson are Up 61.5%…Obama Named Salesman of the Year


The sale of Smith and Wesson guns have risen 61.5% in the last year, with handguns used for personal protection making up 75% of the increase.  Gun stores have been reporting shortages of the popular 9 mm and .40 caliber MP Shield.  Also popular is the  Smith & Wesson Bodyguard in .380.  CEO James Debney has announced that Smith and Wesson is now stepping up production of their handguns to meet demands.

Both Smith and Wesson and Ruger have experienced the doubling in their company’s value in 2015.  Under Barack Obama the sale of guns have gone crazy.  He should get an award for being the top gun salesman seven years running.  And unlike his Nobel Prize, he deserves this honor.

Just imagine what gun sales records would look like if the people who live in the cities where protection is needed most, can’t get guns.  Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Baltimore all have strict gun laws that only allow criminals to possess guns because it’s unsafe to have law abiding citizens armed.  They might accidentally shoot a criminal and the democrats would lose a vote.  (Not really.  We all know that death doesn’t stop democrats from voting and a surprising number of republicans switch parties after death.  That makes sense since most conservatives I know, who are asked about switching to the democratic party say, “Over my dead body.” Exactly!)

Obama only has less than a year left in office and unless Sanders, Clinton or Rubio get elected, gun sales could fall dramatically.  It might be wise for gun manufacturers to contribute heavily to them.  Sales could triple.

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