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Sarah Palin: “Divided We Fall,” Calls For Unity Get Social Media Explosion

Kinda funny that a call for unity, to support Trump, from Sarah Palin would inspire such a division from social media hawks. While most #NeverTrumpers are still smarting over the suspension of the Cruz campaign, some are realizing that a #NeverTrump stance is a vote for Hillary. Either way, it may be too soon for the polarized factions to come to that conclusion. Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin might have failed to carry her home state into the Trump column during the “Last Frontier’s” Republican caucus, but that didn’t stop her from pushing ahead with a plea urging the party to unite around the brash billionaire after his two remaining rivals bowed out of the race.

In a Facebook post Wednesday, filled with the folksy mannerisms that have become Palin’s calling card since her vice presidential run in 2008, the former governor called on Republican Trump opponents — and “smart Democrats” — to pull together.

But the social media response proved that Palin is as polarizing as ever — even on the day after the GOP nominating contest was all but decided.

With an American flag as her most prominent prop, Palin kept the message short.

“Thank you so much for supportin’ Trump and believing in this idea of being able to ‘make America great again.’ We are finally on the road to do so, but we do have to unite first,” she said. “So GOP, independents and smart Democrats, truly, it is time to come together, pull together. Remember that united we will stand.”

“Our country will stand united,” Palin added. “Divided, we are going to fall.”


With considerable understatement, the woman who has been aboard the Trump train for several months described the campaign as “a healthy, kinda arduous competition,” but said the time has come to “stand on principle.”

Sarah Palin: "Divided We Fall," Calls For Unity Get Social Media Explosion

…  but the negative reaction showed just how much the Republican Party will have to heal to be anything close to united in November.

Sarah Palin: "Divided We Fall," Calls For Unity Get Social Media Explosion


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