• December 6, 2022

Saudi Arabia Gives Luxury Trips to Veterans Willing to Oppose 9/11 Law

Saudi Arabia is paying Qorvis MSLGROUP to recruit veterans to go to Washington and tell members of congress that they oppose the 9/11 bill which allows victims and the families of the 9/11 attacks to sue Saudi Arabia for damages.  The Saudis are covering all expenses including luxury rooms at Trump’s Washington D.C. hotel along with other very generous expenses.


The Saudis are paying other individuals to help recruit veterans willing to make the trip.  They also want to get the veterans to voice their support of an amendment to the bill offered by ultra liberals John McCain and Linseed Graham that would require anyone suing to prove that the government had knowledge of such an attack.  That burden in itself would make the 9/11 bill impotent.

It also appears that recruiters are deceiving veterans about what is expected of them.  One veteran, Malachias Gaskin, a combat veteran told the Daily Caller that he has asked specific questions about the trip but has not been able to get a straight answer.

From The Daily Caller:

Gaskin replied seeking further details. Durand then replied:

email obtained by TheDC

email obtained by TheDC

The petition to which Durand alludes in her email is entitled “Fix JASTA Now!

Gaskin told The Daily Caller that Durand failed to provide concrete details about what he would be speaking about in Washington.

Nevertheless, he said, he was offered the opportunity to stay at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. — a “five-star hotel with spa” where a standard room costs about $500 per night.

“There was going to be a dinner,” Gaskin said. “Then, we would be going to talk to Congress.”

email obtained by TheDC

email obtained by TheDC

Things moved quickly. A corporate travel agency, WorldTravelService, emailed a paid itinerary to Gaskin.

email obtained by TheDC

email obtained by TheDC

Gaskin said:

“They literally never told me anything about what the trip was for.  It kind of ticked me off. I was asking very specific questions. I asked who was paying for it and they wouldn’t tell me.”

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