• May 29, 2023

What Happens When Trump Protesters Asked to Give a Refugee a Home [VIDEO]

Internet super star Joey Salads decided to visit with Trump protesters over illegal immigrants and ask them to give money and to invite refugees into their home and to provide meals for them.  It goes exactly as you would expect.


Salads put on a pair of fake glasses and a Feel the Bern t-shirt he hit the protests at LAX.  The protesters claimed not to have any money, with one person signing up to make a very tiny donation and nobody offering to house a single refugee.

He then asks if any protesters would be willing to “give donations or to possibly offer shelter.”

Salads’ first victim says, “I have no resources. Sorry.”

A second guy writes in a “small donation” on the clipboard, Salads notes in the video, but declines to offer shelter.

Another guy says he’s “not able to do that” when asked to provide shelter to refugees.

“I live with a man who is a Trump supporter,” one woman replies, “so I don’t think he’d go for it.”

“I’m very interested in helping,” one guy answers. “I’m a little apprehensive, and I also have a female roommate who’s, like, a very nervous girl … but I’m very interested.”

“How many refugees will you be willing to hold?” Salads asks him.

The guy says he has only a couch to spare.

When Salads tells him that would be enough — in addition to providing “food and water” — the guy wonders how long he’d have to keep that up.

“Until legislation passes,” Salads replies.

“I don’t know that I could commit to that,” the guy answers.

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