• May 24, 2024

Scandal: Hollywood Has Been Scripting Hillary’s Presidency For Decades

The Hillary Clinton propaganda machine has been hard at work leading up to her presumptive presidential nomination. Entertainment media have been littered with a multitude of TV shows, movies, children’s books, and even songs inspired by the Democratic candidate.

It’s typical for the media to get involved in a campaign during an election cycle. But in the case of Hillary Clinton, the media have been laying the groundwork for her ascendance to the Presidency since the early 1990s.

Beginning with an episode in the ‘90s featuring President Hillary Clinton, audiences have been treated to Hillary-inspired female presidents and politicians, fictional TV characters endorsing the real-life former FLOTUS, and children’s’ books singing her praises. Pro-Hillary propaganda has been saturating the entertainment world.

And this isn’t just a right-wing conspiracy theory: big names like Morgan Freeman and Sigourney Weaver have cited Clinton as inspiration for their projects.

It gets worse. From gospel hymns to Hillary to children’s books that offer up Clinton as an example of girl power, we’ve had three decades of liberals imagining – and pushing for – a Hillary Clinton Administration.

Not that there’s anything wrong with the notion of a female president. But as early as the 1990s, TV shows have been promoting the idea of one specific female as president: Hillary Clinton.

One of the earliest cases of presenting the idea of a female President Clinton was in an episode of the ‘90s showSliders. The characters of the show spend time traveling between alternate universes. At one point, they think they’ve finally landed in their own decade again. However, they realize their mistake when the nightly news host announces that President Clinton will be addressing the nation, and Hillary (not Bill) takes the stage. That was just a taste of the next three decades.

But Hillary Clinton doesn’t just appear in many TV shows. There have been five series actually based on her life.Commander-in-Chief, Political Animals, State of Affairs, The Good Wife, and Madame Secretary were all inspired by the life of the former Secretary of State.

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