Schumer Says Trump Aligns More with Democratic Ideologies than Obama

A proposal that’s been met with some hesitance for GOP lawmakers is one that incoming Minority Leader Chuck Schumer supporting Trump on the $1 trillion infrastructure plan.


Trump has made it very clear and is quite vocal about the county’s roads, bridges and railways being in a state of neglect and disarray. He thinks this can be dealt with in a bipartisan manner.

On an appearance on the ABC News program, “Powerhouse Politics” Schumer said, “He’s mentioned a trillion dollars. I told him that sounded good to me.”

Schumer did add that while approving the number, he would not get behind it if the language uses “gimmicks” like tax breaks for investors.

“We’re not going to oppose something simply because it has the name Trump on it but we will certainly not sacrifice our principles just to get something done.” he said.

Republicans have voiced their concerns with increasing the national debt but they support rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure.

Including views on trade, Schumer said that Trump aligns more with Democratic ideologies than President Barack Obama.

He continued, “I’m more close to that than I am to Barack Obama or George Bush’s and so are a lot of Democrats.”

Since November 8th, Schumer has had numerous friendly conversations with the president-elect.

Through my research I’ve come across statements from Republicans that when Obama took office, he had absolutely no interest in hearing anything from them. Obama made it clear that the Democrats were in power now.

President Elect Donald Trump, on the other hand, is taking a completely different approach. He wants to hear from both sides.

Personally, I think that is good. A president should never ignore one side of the views from congress. Every voice should be heard.

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