Second Sexual Assault Reported At Dominican Republic Resort

A second Canadian woman has come forward saying she was recently sexually assaulted while at a resort in the Dominican Republic. The 25-year-old woman says she was on a Sunwing vacation at the RIU Republica Resort in Punta Cana last month.

She claims it happened during a party on the resort, when a bartender asked to speak with her. She believed she and her friends were in trouble since they were getting loud, but instead, she claims she was pulled into a maintenance room where the man attempted to take her clothes off before forcing her to perform a sexual act on him.

She reported it to hotel management who said they would investigate. Apparently she spent the next two days locked in her room, afraid to leave. Another Canadian woman made a very similar claim about a staff member at the same resort last week.

From City News: The woman reported the incident to police with the help of Sunwing, which operates tours to RIU Resorts exclusively for Canadian customers. It was reported that the employee was terminated from his position and arrested. The second woman did not personally report the incident to Sunwing, but the tour company said it’s concerning to hear and they will be conducting their own investigation.

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