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Secret Service Investigating Man Threaten Lives of Trump and Pence

Twitter received many complaints about the tweets of a Chandler, Arizona man who has threatened the lives of both Donald Trump and Mike Pence.  Apparently killing a republican president and vice president is within their community standards.  Is it any wonder they are in the toilet bowl, looking up as a giant hand reaches for the flusher?


On Wednesday night, the Chandler Police station began getting calls and tweets reporting the threat.  Chandler Police said that the Secret Service was aware of the threat and were investigating.

The perpetrator was posting pictures of rifles he planned on using to commit the assassinations and even had pictures of Trump with bullet wounds to the head and lower abdomen.  I can see it now.  They are having a viewing party at Clinton’s Long Island home.  All the tolerant liberals are in attendance, including Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters and a whole host od American hating refuse.


From ABC:

The incident is being investigated by the Secret Service.

Special Agent in Charge Cristina Beloud, with the Secret Service’s Phoenix field office, said further details such as the suspect’s name, gender and city of residence could not be released.

The Secret Service takes threats against the President very seriously and those cases are a priority for investigation regardless of how they are presented, Beloud said. The same goes for Chandler police.

“We take them all very seriously, whether it’s against the president, whether it’s a threat against the school, whether it’s another threat of some type,” Det. Tyler said. 

“For example, a threat against a school, if it is during school hours, during the school day, it makes it challenging because we have to send officers, we have to make sure that the threat is not legitimate.”



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