• September 26, 2022

See the 5 most Patriotic Pictures all done in Pencil.

This is a collection of art from Joonho ‘JK’ Kim 

He was in the South Korean Army. According to JK, he has been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt.

He came to the United States with his beautiful wife Karen and infant child Michelle in 1981. Prior to coming to the States, he graduated a fine art college in Korea and has a BA degree.  After he came to America, he worked for a Yellow Pages publishing company as a graphic designer for twenty one years before he became the senior pastor of Calvary Chapel of Sahuarita in Sahuarita, AZ. He believes that he now has the best job in the world, since God put him there.

In 2000, JK felt that the Lord was leading him to start a Liberty1DontTreadOnMe1POF2MinuteMan1POF3volunteer chaplaincy program for Pima County Sheriff’s Department.  After much preparation, October, 2004, with enthusiastic support from Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, they started a chaplaincy program with two other chaplains for all the personnel in the department. In 2005, he became the Pima County Regional SWAT chaplain.

According to JK, he gets to hang around and serve one of the finest and most professional law enforcement agencies in this country.  He does frequent ride-alongs with deputies, marital counseling for those who request and participates in the department’s functions that he is requested.

Pima County Regional SWAT team is one of the top notch tactical response teams in the country due to constant training and self-motivated team members.  To JK, it is like going back to the old root by hanging around with these Pima County’s finest and brightest. With requests from JK, they graciously pose to be models for his drawings often.

Additionally, he teaches edged weapon fighting training classes to the law enforcement officers, the U.S. military personnel, and contractors. He also designs knives for them.

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