• October 27, 2021

See why the State Department just named a wing of a new museum after Hillary Clinton

When you think of Hillary Rodham Clinton you think of a successful female politician who was the first lady of Arkansas, then the first lady of the United States, then a US senator from New York, then the Secretary of State under the Barack Obama administration.

The only problem with that recollection is that she wasn’t successful by any stretch of the definition of the word. In fact, when she was leaving the State Department state employees were tasked with coming up with a list of accomplishments for Sec. Clinton, and they had a very difficult time. In the end they came up with the plaque that they called 112, which stands for the secretary visited 112 countries while Secretary of State, more than anyone else who held the office.

Any other human being who had the capacity to feel shame would wither away from public life and enjoy the fruits of their ill-gotten gains. But liberals are not like any other human being with the capacity to feel shame. Instead, they give awards out to their most unsuccessful soldiers in their social justice army. Take for example how Barack Obama received a Nobel Peace Prize before he even did anything. Well now we have Hillary Clinton receiving her own space and a museum in Washington DC, and the reason why will knock you off your chair.

As reported by [The Point WJ]

There are many great figures in the illustrious history of American diplomacy. Thomas Jefferson. Benjamin Franklin. George C. Marshall. Henry Kissinger. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

At this point, you may be humming that old “Sesame Street” tune “One of These Things Is Not Like the Others,” and we would agree you would be spot-on accurate. Don’t tell that to the U.S. State Department, though.

The department Hillary Clinton once ignominiously presided over has decided to dedicate one wing of a new museum in Washington D.C. to the former top diplomat and failed presidential contender. That has the 2016 Democratic nominee returning to the city she was decisively booted from just two short months ago. And we couldn’t help but wonder what she might say at the dedication…and what might be on display in Hillary’s honor.

According to The Washington Post, Hillary will be speaking at the Tuesday opening ceremony for the U.S. Diplomacy Center, a glass-fronted museum addition to the State Department building which cost about $50 million. She’ll be on a speaking dais that includes former secretaries of state Madeline Albright and Colin Powell.

The four wings of the museum — which will feature diplomatic history and artifacts from throughout the State Department’s history — will each be named after a former secretary of state. The four honorees are Henry Kissinger, James Baker, Hillary Clinton and current Secretary of State John Kerry.

There’s a pragmatic reason why Clinton is being so honored in Foggy Bottom, however. As The Post reports, “[t]he bulk of the money for the center was raised during Clinton’s four-year tenure as President Obama’s first secretary of state, from 2009 to 2013. Clinton was not running for president at the time but was widely presumed to be contemplating a second White House run in 2016.”

State Department emails from Clinton’s term, released under court directive as part of the fallout over her private email system, chronicle some of the millions of dollars in corporate, foundation and other donations she helped draw for the project.

Some of the donors overlap with Clinton’s network of political fundraisers and with donors to the Clinton family’s charitable foundation.

Unlike donations made to the Clinton Foundation, however, donors at least got a museum out of the deal.

So what will visitors to the Hillary hall in the new museum get to see? Charred remains from the burned-out compound in Benghazi, Libya, reminding us that then-Secretary Clinton bravely decided to sit back and watch our facilities overrun and four Americans killed in wave after wave of terrorist assaults, then blamed it on a cheap YouTube video.

Maybe a bit of that amateur production itself will be available to watch. Or copies of some of the pleas from the late Ambassador Chris Stevens who begged for improved security.

Maybe we could learn about creative fundraising. After all, this museum is basically a monument to the network of corporate influence-peddlers donors Hillary carefully cultivated through her pay-to-play Clinton Foundation.

And of course, we’ll see that hermetically sealed glass case in which the famous Russian reset button is preserved, especially since U.S.-Russia relations have improved so dramatically since Hillary offered the awkward gift to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Twitter users have had a field day wondering what might be featured in the Clinton wing of the new State Department museum:


Hillary Clinton is a self-serving political animal who has been much better at raising cash than raising standards of good government. A divisive first lady, an undistinguished senator from an adopted state, an ineffectual secretary of state who presided over the rise of the Islamic State group, and a woeful presidential candidate whose inadequacies, hypocrisies and conflicts of interest would fill the Doomsday Book.

If there’s one thing the Hillary hall in this pricey new federal museum should demonstrate, it’s just how insufficient to the job this self-promoting, self-aggrandizing liberal functionary was when she commanded power of any sort — and how lucky America is to be rid of her as a serious player in our political process.

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