• July 15, 2024

See Why This Specific Wedding Photo Has Gone Viral

A US Marine and his new wife who captured the hearts of the nation when their wedding photographer shared an image of the two of them praying together just moments before their ceremony, have revealed what was going through their minds during those emotional few minutes.

US Marine Corps Corporal Caleb Earwood and his fiancee Maggie, both from Asheville, North Carolina, stood back-to-back with their eyes closed as they each said a prayer, during which Caleb explained he thanked God for blessing him with such a beautiful wife.

‘We were about to take our first steps in life together, and we didn’t want to take a step without it being in God’s will,’ Caleb, 21, told Today.com.

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‘I prayed to God for my beautiful and intelligent wife that he blessed me with and the amazing family I was marrying into.’

In order to avoid seeing one another before the ceremony, the couple positioned themselves facing away from one another, and kept their eyes closed during the prayer, which Maggie, 22, said helped her to feel all the more confident about walking down the aisle alongside Caleb.

‘When I first grabbed his hand, he was shaking really bad, so I knew he was really nervous,’ she explained. ‘It relieved me to know the person I was getting ready to marry felt the same way about God.’
Photographer Dwayne Schmidt, who shot the powerful image, shared the photo on his Facebook page that night, writing: ‘I have photographed a lot of weddings. This has to be one of the best things I have ever got to see much less photograph.’
He explained: ‘Before the ceremony and before they saw each other Caleb said a prayer for their marriage and lives. AWESOME. [sic]’

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