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Sendin’ Em Back! Syrian ‘Refugees’ Face MASS EXPULSION, Back To Turkey!

Well, that didn’t take long. It looks like taking in thousands and thousands of Syrian Muslims isn’t working out so well, for anyone. Who knew? I’m guessing it will take Obama a little longer to figure it out, though.


Amnesty International accused Turkey on Friday of illegally forcing groups of Syrians to return to their conflict-torn country, saying the alleged expulsions showed the “fatal flaws” in a migrant
deal agreed with the EU.

The claim by Amnesty comes just days before Turkey is due to start taking back migrants expelled from the EU under an accord reached last month.

The rights group said its research in the south of Turkey suggested the country was forcing around a hundred Syrians to return home on a daily basis. Turkey — which has taken in 2.7 million Syrian refugees since the conflict began in 2011 — has always vehemently denied that any Syrian is forced to go home and insists its “open door” policy remains in place.

The government has yet to comment on the latest accusations from Amnesty.

“Turkish authorities have been rounding up and expelling groups of around 100 Syrian men, women and children to Syria on a near-daily basis since mid-January,” Amnesty said.

Greece is due on Monday to start sending back to Turkey all migrants, including Syrians, who crossed the Aegean Sea illegally.

EU leaders hope the deal will curb the influx of migrants that has plunged Europe into its biggest refugee crisis since the end of World War II.

But Amnesty said its revelations showed Turkey was not a “safe country” for refugees.

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