• December 6, 2023

Sharia Police Patrolling the Streets in Germany

sharia police

Muslims including the hard line Salafists are patrolling the streets in Germany and are creating quite a stir.  The German people are already rebelling against Angela Merkel’s open border policy and accepting 1 million Muslims a year.  The German people were welcoming at first but after it became clear that the refugees intend to remake Germany in their own twisted image, that acceptance has turned into bitterness.  And with good cause.

In Cologne, Germany on New Year’s Eve, a group of about 1,000 refugees sexually assaulted women and beat them.  To make it worse, the government tried to downplay it even as the number of assaults rose rapidly.  Their solution was to tell women there were areas which they should not walk in.  Then the refugees demanded that Germany ban all alcohol or the sex attacks would continue.  Germany hasn’t banned alcohol and the assaults continue.

The Sharia Police patrols actually began in 2014 in the city of Wuppertal.  The patrol was arrested and taken to court.  However, the court ruled that they had done nothing wrong and they were exonerated.

From The Youngcons.com:

Eyewitnesses reported seeing three people wearing burkas and black gloves driving around Hamburg’s Wandsbek district in a black VW.

They said a sticker with an Islamic logo and the words Sharia Police was fastened to the car’s bonnet.

There were also reports of another incident in the Dammtor area of Hamburg where witnesses claim to have seen five to seven masked people sitting in a van.

Islamic and ISIS symbols were said to be hanging from the vehicles rear-view mirrors.

These immigrants refuse to adapt because of how liberal the entire world has become.

Most people are now too afraid of telling people off; of telling them to cut the nonsense and start acting like the rest of us constitution-following citizens.

It’s like, Hey, buddy, we didn’t go to your country. You came to ours. Bend to our ways or get out!

Problem is, feminists and progressives have made people – especially politicians – effeminate.

Everyone is weak, but Islam grows stronger.


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