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Shepard Smith Tears Up On Air After Historic ICE Raid Nabs 680 Undocumented Immigrants (VIDEO)

President Trump has said for a quite a bit of time that ICE raids were coming and he delivered on that promise this past Wednesday.


In one of the largest raids in history, ICE arrested 680 undocumented immigrants in Mississippi.

US Attorney for the Southern District of Mississippi Mike Hurst said, “Today, through the hard work of these men and women, we are once again becoming a nation of laws,”

Officials declined to give the details of the road but what we do is that it was conducted in a food-processing plants throughout the state of Mississippi.

“These are not new laws, nor is the enforcement of them new,” Matt Albence, acting ICE director said. “The arrests today were the result of a year-long criminal investigation. And the arrests and warrants that were executed today are just another step in that investigation.”

“This operation began over a year ago. You don’t bring over 650 special agents from across the country into the Southern District of Mississippi in a matter of three days without preparation for months and months and months,” the attorney said.

“So while the tragedies this weekend around the country are horrific, this operation had been planned way before that, and we intended to carry it out,” he said.

However, Fox News and anti-Trump host, Shepard Smith was brought to tears on the air reporting the raid.

“We’re learning of an enormous immigration raid in an area about 40 miles east of Jackson, Mississippi.

“Associated Press is now reporting immigration agents arrested 680 people at a food processing plant.

“Morton is home of one of the largest chicken farms in all the country. The chicken production houses are there are the life blood of the economy in Morton,Mississippi.

“For years and decades, immigrants have worked in those facilities. If you’re looking for a target to go to try to round up a bunch of people that were hard at work in the chicken processing plant, partially could think of no better target than the chicken processing plants in Morton, Mississippi.

“So away they went and they just arrested hundreds and hundreds of people. Largest raids in about a decade.

“As I mentioned, one plant in the small community of Morton. 70 friends and family cried and waved good-bye.Among them, a 13-year-old child.

“Standing with his father. Watching his mother put on a bus. Morton, Mississippi. 600 people rounded up and families separated with a little boy waving good-bye,” he said.

You can watch the video here:

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