• September 22, 2023

Shock Poll: 77% of Non White Voters Favor Voter I.D.


Liberals are rushing to their spin machines located in the bowels of hell after a Gallop poll shows that 77% of all non white voters polled favor Voter I.D. laws, which is very close to the overall percentage of 80% among all voters.  Those of us who have actually taken the time to research voting records are not surprised.  Are you aware that Georgia is the first state to pass Voter ID laws?  It’s true and voting among blacks and Hispanics has increased well beyond their population growth.  The same is true in other states and the explanation given by minority voters is that they now think their vote really counts.

Forbes published an article in June of 2015, attesting to that fact.  In the vast majority of the states with voter ID laws, voting among minorities increased significantly.

From The Conservative Tribune:

The poll also found equally significant support among all of the various demographics for the policy of absentee and early voting. There was less support, though still a majority, among voters for the idea of automatic voter registration for all who are eligible.

“In sum, Americans want easier processes for registering to vote and casting their ballots, as well as stronger checks against fraud,” the report concluded.

These poll results fly in the face of the liberals’ false narrative that voter ID laws are hated by minorities because they are oppressive.

In truth, it also reveals the “soft bigotry of low expectations” some liberals hold for minorities by assuming that they are incapable of obtaining a simple, cheap (often free) ID card that would be sufficient to prove their identity at the polling place on Election Day, particularly when those same cards are required to do just about anything else in our modern society.

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