• May 27, 2024

[WATCH] Shocking Dashcam Video Shows Woman Running Over, Dragging Officer

Police have arrested a woman accused of running over a police officer in Barrow County.

According to police, Statham police Officer Marc Lofton was injured during a traffic stop on Saturday. The Barrow County Sheriff’s Office said Lofton pulled over Jessica Fox, 28, for speeding, only to realize she was wanted on an outstanding felony warrant.

Dashcam video captured what happened next.

When Fox realized Lofton knew who she was, she allegedly struggled to get away, even resisting a Taser.

The video appears to show her put the car in gear and try to drive away. As she does, she drags Lofton beside the car for several yards before running over both of his legs.

“I wasn’t sure she ran over this leg. I knew for sure she ran over this leg, because I felt it and I heard thump, thump, oh, that’s my leg,” Lofton told Channel 2’s Richard Elliot. Lofton was able to get up and call for help. He was then taken to the hospital, where he is recovering from a torn Achilles tendon and a concussion.

The video shows Fox leave the scene in her car, which was recovered on Corbin Drive. Statham police said Fox was arrested Tuesday morning. It felt great. I felt very, very relieved that she was caught because, you know, if she’ll do this to a police officer, think of what she’ll do to a normal person,” he said. Lofton is all ready to get back to work, but his chief wants him to make a full recovery.

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