• October 26, 2021

Shocking..Lying Twin Falls Politician Trashes Family of 5 Year Old Rape Victim


City councilman and former Mayor Greg Lanting, who is obviously a democratic trashed the family of the 5 year old victim, who was raped by three refugees.  How do I know he’s a democrat?  I guess I could have searched and found out but in my mind, there’s just no doubt.  He is covering up for the criminal actions of three refugees, trashes the family of the victims but mostly lies flow off his tongue like water over Niagara Falls.  He has since deleted the post but Breitbart News confirms that they have a screen capture of the post:

You realize these Internet Fake news agencies can LIE all they want and can never be proven wrong. The case is sealed we will never know more than we know now. Another obvious lie is the child does not live with the father. The police and now the courts have had the video since the night of the assault. The father as far as I know it is not even involved with the child. All Caps no WAY he saw the video. I doubt they even talked to him. Let justice be served and let this child have a chance at a normal life without making up lies about what happened to her. The police and the courts are doing every thing according to state law!!!

Let’s take his post, point by point.  He said the father doesn’t live with the child.  FALSE!!  The father has lived with her since birth and still does.  He said the father isn’t involved with the child.  See answer to lie #1.  “No way he saw the video”  Not only did the father see it, he was able to describe the video in an interview with Breitbart News.  There were witnesses who saw him watch the video.

“Let justice be served”  If he wanted justice, why is he participating on a cover up?  And is it justice to allow the girl’s attackers to continue to live next door.  And how can she move on when she has to see the little bastards every day?  “without making up lies about what happened to her”  What lies?  They have the video and there is no question about what happened.  It’s been reported in the paper.  And lastly, the police are not doing everything according to state law or the families of the rapists would be forced to move or the boys would be in custody.

Hopefully the voters will have enough sense to throw this jerk out of office.