• December 11, 2023

Six Flags BANS Veteran From Entering Park Because Of His Shirt: Do You Agree With It?

Attempting to mix liberals and free speech is like trying to mix oil and water. They simply don’t go together, unless you are a liberal and are expressing politically correct and “culturally diverse” views. Here are some examples of how far off the hinges the left has become.

Back in 2014, Marine Corpse veteran Mario Alejandro went with his family to the Six Flags Great Adventure theme park in New Jersey for a kid’s birthday party. When Mario entered the theme park, he was approached by staff and told he could not proceed because his shirt was violent and offensive.


The shirt had a picture of an M4 Carbine, decorated in an American flag color theme, with the words, “Keep Calm and Return Fire.” Below is a picture of the shirt.



This shirt is not offensive nor is it violent. However, this is the kind of shirt that sends liberal snowflakes into a frenzy for some reason.

When Mario attempted to explain where the shirt came from, the explanation fell on deaf ears, and the attendant at the park grabbed Mario by the arm and said, “I don’t care, get out of the park.” A week after this incident Six Flags management issued an official apology to Mario. The case garnered so much attention that the President of Six Flags at the time, John Fitzgerald, called Mario personally to apologize.


Free speech is a right which we must continue to fight for and not allow the fascist and militant left to get their way. Free speech is essential in making sure all voices are heard regardless of whether or not that voice is popular.

H/T [New Jersey Online]


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