• June 13, 2024

Smith College Professors Called Racist For Questioning Affirmative Action

Affirmative action is a failed system that helps no one, it just makes liberals suffering from white guilt feel better. Professors at Smith College in Massachusetts, of all places, have made contact with school officials questioning the policy. And just as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, the liberal hierarchy instead of taking the concern to heart, immediately call the the comments “racist” and are deciding how best to reprimand the professors for their concern. That’s the way to take a problem on, shut up the other side, and slander those out of line.

According to Daily Caller:

A letter sent by professor Dennis Miehls, warns that the school was failing in its “gatekeeper” function by admitting too many academically unprepared applicants.Why do you, as administrators, continue to offer differential outcomes to students of color, in spite of overwhelming data that demonstrates that many of our students, including white­-identified students, cannot offer clients a social work intervention that is based upon competence, skills and ethics,” Miehls said in his letter. Miehls went so far as to call the admissions process “tainted” because of how willing it was to admit unprepared non-white students.

I always thought there were two kinds of people, men and women, and in the order of life both have a purpose. But over the past 50 years we seem to have invented different species of people. Gay people, black people, Muslim people, white mean people, good intentioned liberal people, the list goes on. Our country was formed and built on personal achievement not hand outs. The amount of debt is 20 trillion dollars because of hand outs, yet this is not even thought of. I’m impressed these professors spoke up, it seems like the liberals are starting to feed on themselves. What do you think?


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