• October 26, 2021

Snopes Founder Accused of Embezzling Money to Spend on Prostitutes


Facebook has recently selected the DNC propaganda site Snopes as a fact checker.  That’s like choosing Lindsay Lohan to keep people from doing incredibly stupid things.  According to legal documents filed by his ex wife  Barbara Mikkelson, David Mikkelson embezzled $98,000 from the company and used the money on himself and prostitutes.  After his divorce from Barbara, he married Elyssa Young, a former porn star and current escort who now works for Snopes as an administrator.

Some of the “fact checkers” are questionable in ethics.  Kim LaCapria has posted on her personal blog that she has gotten high on marijuana before posting to Snopes.  Kim LaCapria was a failed liberal blogger when she joined Snopes.  Read all about her here.

Lacapria’s “fact checking” comes with a far left leaning ideology.  Take a recent article for example.  She said that comparisons between Carter’s moratorium against Iranians is totally different from Trump’s suggestion of banning Muslims from entry into the United States until we have a real way of vetting who we are letting into the country.  She described Carter’s actions as a security measure taken as a last resort.  She ignores that the United States is experiencing terror attacks right here in this country, which a reasonable person would want to keep out more terrorists.

Jimmy Carter also deported  14,768 Iranians.  Considering the number of terror attacks committed by refugees or the children of refugees (Orlando, Boston Marathon bombing, Ft Hood 1 and 2, Chattanooga recruitment center shooting, the San Bernardino shootings) would make admitting unvetted refugees a security issue.  Remember, at least two of the Paris terrorists were refugees.

Lacapria even did a fact check on Omar Mateen’s democratic voter registration.  In that article she argued that just because he was a registered democrat, didn’t mean he was actually a democrat.

Dan Evon is another morally bankrupt liberal willing to lie for his bosses at the DNC propaganda site.  At this year’s democratic convention, they dumped the American flag.  Evon wrote that was a lie and they did have flags on the first day of the convention.  He offered this picture as proof.


The problem is that the picture is of the decond night after the democrats caught hell about having no flag on the stage.  To read this story click here.

Snopes did not answer questions from The Daily Caller on Mikkelson’s alleged embezzlement.