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Someone Forgot To Tell These Cheering Evangelicals They Don’t Support Cruz

I think we have seen that polls are less than reliable and we know that main-stream-media coverage is also less than reliable, especially when it comes to reporting on unpopular with establishment political candidates. Ted Cruz has been said to have fallen short of gaining full support of the evangelical right in Iowa, and subsequent primary states. Hmmm, doesn’t seem to be the case here. Guess someone forgot to tell all these 14,000 evangelicals in SC.

GREENVILLE, S.C. — Many of the Republican presidential candidates descended Friday on Greenville ahead of Saturday’s CBS debate.

But only one was savvy enough to get himself enlisted as the opening act of a throbbing, trembling Christian rock concert that packed 14,000 evangelicals into a downtown arena on Friday night.

So here came Ted Cruz, striding onto the catwalk of a stage, beaming under the spotlight, leading the crowd in prayer, asking them to unite behind him in next Saturday’s primary election, and jumping up like a basketball player high-fiving fans as he walked into the locker rooms in the bowels of the arena.

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“Welcome to Winter Jam — and to God be the glory,” the Texas senator said.

Winter Jam is a touring, four-hour show featuring born-again Christian rock and rap artists. It performed at Greenville’s Bon Secours Wellness Arena on Friday night.

For any Republican politician, this was a captive and prized audience. Evangelical Christians are an especially influential voting block in South Carolina, especially in the Greenville area, known as the Upcountry.

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