Son Almost Died After Mother Left Him In Hot Car While Shopping [VIDEO]

Chaeyoung Lim-Kim, 42, leaves her son in a hot car carelessly while shopping at Costco.


According to Bergen County Sheriff’s officer who rescued a wailing, sweat-soaked toddler from inside a locked minivan parked at a New Jersey Costco said that the child’s screams carried across the parking lot.

In this video, the tot can be heard sobbing through a tiny crack in the window of the minivan. As a small crowd surrounds the van and tries to pry the window open, Bergen County Sheriff’s Officer Rich Carrion arrives on the scene. He smashes the vehicle’s window as Officer Sonya Bekier takes the child out of the car, noting that she’s “soaking wet” from sweat.

It all started Thursday afternoon after concerned passersby in the parking lot at the Hackensack Costco began gathering around the minivan, and at least two tried to push down a window, which was already cracked a few inches, cellphone video shows. The child’s cries can be heard from inside the car.


Police officers arrive and one smashes the window, pulls open the sliding door, and another goes into the car to retrieve the child.

“Where are the parents?” asked one bystander.

When Carrion asks “Where are the parents?”

“I think shopping,” another says.

He responds flatly, “Are you f*cking kidding me?”

As the officer emerges from the minivan with a small, crying boy in her arms, the bystanders are stunned.

“Oh, my God,” says the woman taping the scene.

The distressed boy cries in the arms of Sonya Vekier, a Bergen County Sheriff’s officer, who rubs his back and says, “[He’s] soaking wet.” In the video, the boy’s hair appears to be matted to his forehead with sweat.

“I have a 2-year-old at home, so just to get him calm because he just did not want to stop crying,” Vekier said.

Soon the little girl’s mother returns to the minivan with another child in tow. Chaeyoung apologizes when Officer Bekier informs her that the little girl “could have died!”

Lim-Kim was reportedly arrested, then released later. Her son was turned over to his father.

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