Woman Attacked Taxi Driver While Her Mother Filmed

A racist woman sank her teeth into a taxi driver after punching him while her mother filmed the disgusting attack on her phone.


Sarah McIntyre of Wavertree Liverpool, 33-years old, a mother-of two, attack and bit the fingers of Kacem Mehouens a taxi driver. The attack came just weeks after McIntyre had bitten another victim.


Cheryl Mottram, prosecuting, said Alpha Taxis driver Mr Mehouen collected McIntyre and her mother from Ennismore Road, Old Swan, at 2.55pm on November 25. McIntyre became ‘quite aggressive’ and ordered him to follow a specific route.

The driver refused to their request and asks the operator to send another driver. Both woman refused and were aggressive until the second car arrive.

McIntyre became very abusive and racist calling Mr. Mehouen an “Egyptian c***”.Mehouen got out of the car and called the police but he was late to realize that McIntyre has taken his taxi badge as they exited the vehicle.

Then, McIntyre began punching Mehouen and he was blocking the punches with his hand. The driver nearly fell in an attempt to avoid the punches then he felt a sharp pain on the little finger on his left.  He looked down to see McIntyre biting him. He then managed to get in his taxi and drive away.

McIntyre’s mother said she had him on video and he saw her filming him.

Mehouen then went to the hospital and results show that he suffered nerve damage and required stitches, a splint and five follow-up appointments. He could not drive for two weeks, which cost him around £600, is now nervous at work and hopes to find another job.

McIntyre was arrested after being identified by Mehouen in an identity parade but She denied using racist insults and claimed she bit him in self-defence.

Her previous convictions include a racially aggravated public order offence, when she called a man a ‘n*****’ in 2012.

Last July she received six months in prison, suspended for 18 months, for racially aggravated common assault.

She argued with a cousin in the street on October 5, 2015, when a woman asked them to keep the noise down.

McIntyre was racially abusive, punched the victim in the face and bit her finger.

The judge, Recorder Rowena Goode, said McIntyre caused Mr Mehooen – who was providing a public service – ‘a nasty injury’.

She handed her 20 months in jail, consecutive to her existing sentence.


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