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SS Agent Who Refused to Take Bullet For Trump Learns Her Fate

Kerry O’Grady, who headed a Colorado office of the Secret Service has been under investigation.  During the election, she violated the Hatch Act, which makes it a crime for a top government official to take part in politics as she did, not to mention that she outright endorsed Hillary for president.  She claimed she was scared, but that’s a lie.  She was convinced that Hillary would win and she would face no punishment.


The first hint that she was in trouble came 2 weeks ago when the Secret Service put out a notice for her job.The final blow came last Friday when the Secret Service announced that she has been permanently removed from her job.  She is just another delusional liberal in a long line of losers who were convince America was ready for Hillary.

But according to the Examiner, despite being removed from her position, it still isn’t clear whether or not O’Grady will be terminated. Some Secret Service agents expressed concern that the agency’s top brass will “insulate” O’Grady and simply move her to another position in the Department of Homeland Security — which the Secret Service falls under — so that she can finish out her career and collect her government pension.

If the agency did that, it wouldn’t be the first time, according to the Examiner:

In February 2015, Secret Service Deputy Director Alvin “A.T.” Smith was forced to resign when the agency was under pressure from Congress after a string of security lapses. He was allowed to transfer to another position in DHS, according to an email that praised his 29 years of service to the agency sent to all staff.

The Secret Service has had a tumultuous last several days. On March 10, a man was able to scale three White House fences and was on the White House grounds for 16 minutes before he was apprehended. According to reports, he was close enough to the White House that he was able to rattle the handle to a White House door.

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