• July 24, 2024

Look up “hypocrite.” You’ll see a picture of this guy.

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Somehow, in his liberally-twisted mind, it is OK to make a fortune glorifying guns, vigilantism, and self-defense, while at the same time telling the people who bought tickets to watch his crappy movies that they should not be permitted the same constitutional right. If you want to see another pic of this moron, look up P.O.S.
Only a certified imbecile would believe that the Second Amendment is obsolete. Our constitutional right “to keep and bear arms” is necessary now more than at any time since 1776, but don’t expect anyone in the fantasyland we call Hollywood to get that. Clearly Stallone has a single-digit IQ, making it obvious that the character he plays in his movies, the borderline-retarded goon, is not an act. He really is that STUPID!


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