• November 29, 2023

Stanford: Domestic Terrorism Does Not Disqualify You as a Professor

Students at Stanford are calling for  Professor David Palumbo-Liu to resign from the school after administrators made the decision that being a domestic terrorist is not a disqualifying factor for their faculty.  Professor David Palumbo-Liu is the co-founder of the Stanford antifa. Students with the Stanford Review, as well as the Stanford College Republicans have criticized the professor due to his far left extremist views. So, if Stanford is going for diversity shouldn’t they have teachers from ISIS, Al Qaeda and Boko Haram too?

From The Stanford Review

Palumbo-Liu goes on to claim that calling him an “antifa leader” is absurd because the antifa movement has no centralized authority, and is generally “anti-authoritarian” and “anti-hierarchical.” While this decentralization does distinguish antifa from many other protest movements, a lack of central authority and a general disdain for hierarchy of course do not preclude a movement’s having leaders. To pick on our claim as an “elementary, self-imposed error” is ridiculous: of course it is fair to claim that someone who founds a “Campus Antifascist Network” is at least something of a leader within the movement.

Let’s remember the facts here. A professor founds a campus group with a name almost identical to a national movement that has been classified by the government as a domestic terrorist organization and identified by most Americans as a group of club-wielding thugs. He defends himself by claiming that his organization has a slightly different name. He fails to roundly condemn the domestic terrorism antifa members have perpetrated against peaceful citizens. And yet, he is angry at us for pointing out that his actions could be misconstrued as reflecting a preference for violent protest over the peaceful dissent and debate that Stanford stands for.

A domestic terrorist by any other name …….

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