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Student to Have Leg Amputated After Teacher Body Slammed Him Three Times


A student in Columbus Georgia will have his leg amputated today after a teacher body slammed him 3 times, causing nerve damage.  The school did not fill out a form on the incident even though they were aware of it and although they discussed sending him to the hospital, they decided against it and didn’t even notify the kid’s parents.


Montravious Thomas, 13, was attending Edgewood Student Services Center on September 12 when Bryant Mosley ‘had to physically restrain a student… due to behavioral issues,’ a Columbus Police Department report said.

But an attorney representing Thomas and his mother says Mosley repeatedly threw the boy to the ground then sent him home without medical attention or telling his mom, The Ledger-Enquirer reported.

The incident took place on the first day of school and the teacher,  Bryant Mosley, was an independent contractor and not an employee of the school.  The boy’s parents are suing the school for 5 million dollars for the permanent damage caused to their son.

From The Mail Online:

According to Renee Tucker, who represents Thomas and his mom Lawanda, the boy was trying to leave class to call his mom when Mosley, a behavioral specialist, stopped him. 

Mosley then threw him to the floor for an ‘unknown reason,’ Tucker said, and did it again when the boy tried to leave again.

Tucker also claims that Eddie Powell, the assistant principal, saw the violence at one point, an that a school resource officer saw Thomas limping away but didn’t help or file a report. 

The attorney also says that the school talked about calling for an ambulance, but then decided against it, and that Mosley then put the boy on a bus home without calling his family.

‘We don’t know the extent that the injuries were worsened by the failure to render aid and certainly by picking him up and seating him on the school bus,’ Tucker told the Leger-Enquirer

‘Then they had him ride in that same school bus home without any support or stabilization of that leg.’


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