• January 24, 2022

[Stunning] Hillary’s Friends and Allies Told to Lie About Her Email


When the story broke about Hillary’s illegal email set up, her campaign gave talking points to her friends and allies on what lies to keep repeating.  The talking points were written by Clinton spokeswoman Adrienne Elrod and widely distributed in order to hide the truth after two articles exposing her illegal emails came out.  Elrod wasted no time and the talking points were distributed just two days after the story broke.  Of course, all three talking points are total lies.  But that’s to be expected with anything Hillary.

From The Daily Caller:

False Talking Point #1: Hillary Never Wiped Her Server

Responding to the Bloomberg story, the talking point said, “Assuming the Bloomberg report is true, the reason the FBI may be able to recreate these emails is exactly because, as the tech company that maintained Hillary’s server has said, the rumors that steps were taken to ‘wipe’ the server’s contents were never true.”

That talking point was false — Clinton used software called “BleachBit” to delete emails from her server.

False Talking Point #2: Hillary Turned Over All Her Work-Related Emails

 Again responding to the Bloomberg report, the talking points claimed that “Hillary Clinton turned over her work-related emails.” But that’s not true — FBI director James Comey said the FBI recovered “several thousand” work-related emails that Hillary failed to turn over to the State Department.

False Talking Point #3: Hillary Complied In Full With State Department’s Email Request

Responding to the WaPo story, the talking points claimed that, after the State Department requested Hillary Clinton’s emails, “Clinton complied with that request in full.” But that simply wasn’t the case. She directed her legal team to delete “several thousand” work-related emails.

It’s all the usual Clinton three point plan.  Be corrupt, lie, cover up.

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