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A Pentagon spokesperson told reporters a short time ago that a secretive United States base in Eastern Afghanistan was the target of an suicide bomb attack believed sponsored by Taliban insurgents. The spokesperson said that the suspected Taliban insurgents set off a car bomb at a US-operated base in Afghanistan this morning shortly after the arrival of Secretary of Defense James Mattis.

According to officials at least four people were murdered by the terrorists and at least six others were wounded in the attack. It is not know if the attack was intended to be detonated on the base, but officials said it occurred just outside one of its main gates. The secretive base is home to both United States forces as well as many private military contractors according to Mubarez Mohammad Zadran, a spokesman for the provincial governor.

camp chapman

Witnesses said a mini-van was used to target security guards at the base, and those claims were backed up by provincial police chief Gen. Faizullah Ghyrat. Ghyrat said at least four security guards were killed and six others wounded in the attack on Camp Chapman located in the eastern province of Khost. But other than that little bit of information, there was little in the way of details made available to reporters.

The provincial governors spokesman said: “I am aware of a car bomb attack at one of the gates in the U.S. base, but we are not allowed there to get more details.” However, while a spokesman for the U.S. military in Afghanistan, Capt. William Salvin, confirmed the car bomb attack, He said there appeared to be a number of Afghan casualties but none among U.S. or coalition personnel at the base.

This attack came just three days after a similar attack on an Afghan base by a Taliban suicide squad which left more than 140 Afghan soldiers killed by Taliban terrorists disguised in military uniforms. Many of those victims were gunned down as they were leaving Friday prayers at a mosque on the base..

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