• September 30, 2022

Target Stock Falls 5.8% in 10 Days from $84.14 to $79.27

Target Feeling The #BoycottTarget Pain As Signatures Skyrocket And Stocks Tank

This is what I hoped would to happen…


Shares of Target Corporation Common Stock (TGT) have fallen from $84.14 a share on April 19, the day Target made the “Inclusivity” announcement, to $79.27 a share as of Friday afternoon — a drop of 5.8 percent in 10 days.

As of 4 p.m. Friday, the stock price had fallen 2.52 percent that day alone.

According to the Family Policy Institute, the drop in Target stock prices “would represent a corporate loss of over $2.5 billion.”

This is what happens when you allow men to use the women’s restrooms. People revolt. People take action.

Over 1 million have now signed the #BoycottTarget pledge, and that number is sure to rise.

Sorry, Target. But your days at the top may just be coming to an end.

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