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Teacher is Removed From Classroom For Teaching Homosexuality is Normal

A teacher at North Lincoln High School in North Carolina after she showed a film to her class in which the world is reversed and the vast amount of Americans are homosexuals and heterosexuals are a very tiny minority.



In the 19 minute movie a girl named Ashley is bullied when it is discovered that she likes a boy instead of another girl.  The harassment becomes so bad, she slits her wrists and commits suicide.  To say the least, it has not gone over well with parents and it has led to the teacher, Kimberly Fernetti, being placed on suspension pending an investigation.

The short film, which The Huffington Post describes as “an alternate reality backdrop of a world inverted: heterosexuals are the deviants in a world dominated by gays and lesbians,” follows a young girl named Ashley.

When Ashley’s secret that she is attracted to a boy comes to light, she becomes the victim of harassment and bullying at school.

In a final graphic scene, Ashley commits suicide by slitting her wrists in her home’s bathroom.

Not everyone agrees that it was an appropriate decision, however.

After learning about the video from their children, several parents reportedly contacted the school superintendent’s office to complain about the nature of the film.

As a consequence, Fernetti has been placed on suspension while officials investigate the situation.

Interestingly enough, it’s not the first time that this particular video has put a teacher’s job on the line:

Here is the movie in it’s entirety:

What I’m wondering is if everyone is gay, where did all these children come from?

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