• December 5, 2021

CSUF Professor Sucker Punches Student for Supporting President Trump [VIDEO]

A California State University Fullerton professor sucker punched a member of the CSUF College Republican because he supports Donald Trump.  The liberals on campus had organized a protest against Trump’s travel ban and the College republicans decided to have a counter protest supporting the president.


CSUF College Republicans announced:

“We are in contact with the police.”

The odd thing is the liberal protest was peaceful and there was no tension between the two groups before a professor by the name of Eric Canin, according to Campus Reform, assaulted a College Republican he disagreed with.  The College Republicans reported the incident to campus police and then said they would be filing assault charges with the Fullerton Police.

 Cal State Fullerton has refused to identify the professor, though Breitbart reports that the campus police department has acknowledged that a report has been filed for “battery” and that one of the CR members wishes to press charges.

“The CRs organized a counter protest, with just signs, to multiple student organizations who created an Anti-’Muslim Ban’/Anti-Trump protest, which consisted of speakers and various activities,” explained Amanda McGuire, vice president of the CSUF College Republicans. “After some time they began to march around the campus with our group following no less than 100-200 feet behind. Along the route a professor came up and started asking questions asking if there were any professors with us (there wasn’t) [and] stating that only uneducated people would be out here counter protesting.”

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